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up point this arrow graphicWith all this talk about money on this blog I know y’all want to know some “how to’s” to get your business or venture off the ground. You want to start a website and you want your website to be attractive and functional. You want your website to be user friendly so that it converts prospects into paying clients and customers.

When I speak to new and aspiring entrepreneurs they say, “All I need is a website!” Well, that’s only partially true. You do need a website but that’s not all you need. A website is only one business tool. Albeit an important tool it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. One of the functions of a great business site is to allow clients and customers to do their own research and learn more about your enterprise. That’s how we role in the new millennium. We want to use your website to weed you out. That’s right! Did you think we would use your site to allow you to sell us your product or service? HA! No… we want to exclude you and we’ll use something on your website to do it! Admit it! You’ve done it, too. Too many ads, an ugly color in the background, price, you name it, we’ll use it against you. The thing is, that was a suspect not a prospect and that person wasn’t ready anyway. The customer who really wants to do business with you, and by do business I mean spend their money with you, will use your website too but in a different way. Because your website is such an important interface to your business many web designers and web developers will act like you gotta pay a stack (refer to your urban dictionary if you don’t know what a stack is.) for a simple WordPress site. No, no grasshopper. I paid a website dude $50 and got this >>>> <<<<< Nice, right? Yea. I know.

So here’s the thing. First, I had to get myself a domain name. Click here to get a free domain name from Just host,  my favorite web hosting provider! I love them. They give you so much for so little. So click either of the links above to get your domain name for free. Then you gotta get someone to host your site.

When I talk to folks about web hosting they tell me, “I pay $20 per month.” Then someone will chime in, “I only pay $10 per month!” That’s when I’m like, I pay $30! Per YEAR!” That’s right I pay $30 per year for my hosting. If you want that $30 per year deal go here>>>>> CHEAP ASS WEB HOSTING DAWG! That’s right, I said it! It’s cheap and it’s high quality. They give you coupons for free google ads, free facebook ads and free bing ads. Don’t sleep on JustHost. Oh by the way… If for whatever reason you don’t use the links in this blog to go to JustHost I can’t guarantee you’ll get all those specials and freebies. You might, but I doubt it.

The next thing you’ll need is a good web designer and web developer to help you bring your vision to life. To answer your question, “yes.” A web designer is different from a web developer. A web developer is the person who makes everything function so that when a button or link is clicked it goes to it’s intended destination. A web designer is the person who makes it all pretty for you. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “I gotta pay two people?” No, you don’t. You just need to find a web designer/developer. They’re out there!

My favorite place to find good help at reasonable prices is (drum role bbbrrrrrr….)! So, go to Odesk and sign up for a free account. Once you’re signed up just create a job post. You can also explore and invite freelancers from all over the world to help bring your website to life. I personally prefer to post a job and let the people come to me. I have things to do and emailing a bunch of people about my project isn’t high on my list of fun things.

You can also specify your budget and whether that budget is a fixed one-time payment or an hourly wage. My first assistant cost me a whopping $3.00 an hour. He was from the Philippines and he his was phenomenal! My website, yes this one. The one you’re on now, cost me a fixed price of $50.00. I provided the pictures and content and my web developer/designer provided the know how to create beautiful, functional WordPress websites that attract and convert browsers to clients and customers. My user and customer base grows daily! If you need royalty free stock images   <<<<<<Click there because if you use pics from google images someone might come shake you down for their money once they find out you done five-fingered their images and such.

Now you may need someone to do some photoshopping of those images and you can find those talented folks on Odesk too. Or you can ask your contractor if they do that too. In many cases they do and won’t charge you extra because they want to work with again and want your referral. If they do charge you extra, shop around for other providers that can do this work for you for the best price but your web developer/designer will likely be the cheapest.

So let’s see… You just got a free domain name, a hosting account with free marketing a website designer/developer for $50 and stock images. Now that’s a cheap ass, high quality website right there, baby!!! Tell a friend to tell a friend!

In Joy!

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