The strength of the speaker is awesome. Dr. Moore has great information to share. I feel inspired to create the life and situations that nurture my soul. Dr. Moore is a wonderful, funny and loving speaker.

Workshop Participant, Goddess Empowerment Event 8/26/2015

Your emotional attachment to money is the basis of our financial infrastructure.

In 99.9% of cases money represents some emotion within you. This is not a coincidence. It is by design. If not, our commerce system would not work because money wouldn’t mean enough to us. In order for this game to continue your emotions must be involved. Money must mean everything to you and everyone else. If we don’t believe in the value of money on an emotional level money wouldn’t have any value and the economic game we all play would end.

Dr.Richelle Moore

Don’t Chase Money

Let it Chase YOU!

Is money your problem AND… your solution

If so, you’re not making money. Money is making you. Take money off the pedestal that you should be on. Understand your value, know your worthiness and allow money to flow into your experience with ease and abundance.

Dr. Richelle Moore

Dr. Moore

a.k.a. “Rich Black Girl”
Author | Speaker | Entrepreneur

Most people have been taught three things about money. How to work for it, how to count it and how to spend it and that’s what most people do. Go to work, get their paycheck and try to figure out how they’re going to use that money to pay for their life.

The information that I share is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. I could give you a million ways to make money. You already know all about most of them. By now you can feel that there is more to this wealth game than most know about. You feel that way because there certainly is more to it and  Dr. Richelle is here to share that information with you.

Wealth is experienced by so few in our society, not because they are deserving and you’re not. Not because there is a finite supply of resources and others have more than their fair share. The Federal Reserve simply prints money into existence every…. single…. day. So, how come so many have so little of the wealth and so few have so much? The fact of the matter is, money is only ONE form of wealth. Wealth is something that you have to be open to. It’s something you have to allow to flow into your life experience and most people just don’t know how to do that. Not only do they not know how to allow money and wealth to flow in, they don’t even realize that they’re keeping it out.

What do seminar attendees and workshop participants have to say?

20 Month to a Millionaire Seminar 9/11/2015

“I felt empowered like I found this seminar for a reason. This is something everyone should do.”

“Dr. Moore has and continues to change my life with her teachings.

“This is a life changer class for all those who are looking to be filled emotionally, mentally and spiritually.”

“Dr. Moore has so much insight. We needed way more than 2 hours.”

Women’s Empowerment Workshop 9/4/2015

“Don’t expect to be the same person you were when you attend any class. You will leave as a new being in a very powerful way”

“Very informative, educational and professional”

“Thank you Dr. Moore so much for sharing your energy and your knowledge. This has confirmed a lot of what I’ve wondered. Now I have a great tool to help my finances.”

“I feel all women can gain much needed knowledge about money from Dr. Moore.”


Dr. Moore was very insightful about money and ways to attract more of it.  I have a Masters Degree in Business Administration and Marketing and I learned things from Dr. Moore that I did not learn in school.


Tameeka Callands- Life Enhancement Specialist,


First Aid for Success, Inc.


Dr. Moore is a person I have learned so much from. Always guiding and available when I need support! Clear-cut instructions, communicates excellently, great sense of humor!

Jan Sarte, Business Development Coordinator
Manilla Philippines

I’ve known Dr. Moore for years now. I admire her tenacity, drive and her ingenuity. She has taught me a wealth of information. She is my go to person whenever I need a concise answer.

Michelle Kitchens, Realtor
Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate
Atlanta, GA.

Dear Ms. Moore, I would like to thank you for the outstanding seminar you presented the members of Cascade United Methodist Church. Your expertise, openness and honesty is commendable. Your professional background helped me and other participants feel extremely comfortable trusting you to give accurate, concise and much needed information. Thank you for your time and knowledge.

Stephen J. Dean Jr., Chair Church Society- UMC
Atlanta, GA.

Speech Topics & Talking Points

Your Inner Money Monologue

We learn our money ideology a.k.a. your ‘Inner Money Monologue’ from our authority figures as we’re growing up…

You can change your financial status if you change your money ideology and your inner money monologue.

If you’ve been taught; “Money is the root of all evil” and “Money doesn’t grow on trees!” and “Fake it til you make it” no wonder you don’t have money. Why would someone attract something they feel is evil? Money DOES grow on trees. It’s made of 75% cotton and 25% linen which are both plants. If you start faking it you’ll feel like a phony and the guilt will kill your self-esteem. Low self-worth is the fastest road to poverty!

In some families, the “successful” one has already been chosen so other members of the family avoid financial achievement in an effort to honor the chosen one’s family status over their own. If the parents have chosen the first born as their pick to be the financially successful one the other children will unwittingly obey.

Everybody is a Sales Person

Whether you sell Mary Kay or work for a company or are self-employed you ARE a salesperson. You sell your skills and abilities to your employer everyday. The moment you stop doing that your job is in jeopardy. What will happen if someone else sells themselves to your employer, for less pay in an interview? Everybody is a salesperson but everybody is not a skilled salesperson.

Sales is not about trickery and manipulation. If you have to trick people, you’re doing it wrong! That doesn’t mean you won’t have to show people how your product or service benefits them.

67% of your customers don’t know they need what you’re selling. “Great, so now I have to become a teacher too?” asked one of my clients. I answered, “If you want to stop competing for customers based on price alone and reach that 67% of your customer base that your competition doesn’t even know exists, YES!”

Navigating the new global employment market place

The internet has completely changed many industries such as the travel industry, the
music industry, book stores and even dating and befriending others has been completely transformed thanks to the internet.
How we employ ourselves and earn a living is currently experiencing a paradigm shift. The magic of the world-wide-web allows you to take your skills to places you may never visit physically
Your education, skills and abilities can make a global impact.
Having a good understanding of all the moving parts is crucial.
This workshop explores how to stay gainfully employed regardless of economic downturns and high unemployment numbers.

-The labor/employment paradigm shift
– Exploring emerging markets
– Foreign exchange rates
– Cultural differences matter, even remotely
-There’s never really a lack of jobs or money you just have to know where to look